Maintenance of the Organ

February 10, 2018

The relation of moisture and temperature is important. High temperature needs higher percentage of moisture. At summer or if there is long-lasting heat-wave it is not recommended to ventilate for a longer time. Only at nights or at early in the mornings should do that for a shorter time. The ideal relative moisture content is between 60-65% and we should never let it drop below 50%. Mopping the floor with quite watery swab on a daily basis could be a solution because these amount of water is able to volatilize quickly ensuring the proper moisture content growth. It is strictly forbidden to store water in tubs or basins within the instrument!

At winter we also have to avoid the excessive or sudden heating. Temperature should be raised with only 1-2°C per day. Hot air inflatable heating systems are really harmful to the complete equipment of the church. The flue gas of the convector makes old the leather parts of the organ before time. It is also important to ventilate intensively the church after big ceremonies like Easter or Christmas Mass when there is a crowd.

It is good for the instrument to play on it every day because not using it can result many of the possible mistakes.