About Us

Frigyes Paulus Sr. organ builder master established the Paulus Organ Builder Workshop in 1977. He learned the profession in Budapest and in Hamburg. The foreign study trip formed the young instrument maker’s professional point of view. It also made possible for him to settle the organ builder techniques of the West into the country. After he succeed the master exam he founded his own enterprise. In the early years beside the repairing and overhaul orders he also built modern organs which met the expectations of the era.

Passion about the Profession from Father to Son.

In the following years Frigyes Paulus Jr. became also organ builder and joined to his father in the workshop. The family enterprise gained wider recognition with their qualitative references. Thanks to the growing reputation and the growing number of orders they could build a new, modern yard in Budaörs in 1984. Three years later the elder master entrusted his son with leading the business but he also remained a member of the team and helped the firm with his advice for years.

The Goal of the Second Generation is the Highest Professional Quality.

Frigyes Paulus Jr. – who recently was honored with the silver-crowned master award – is out for broaden the facilities of the shop, develop the machinery and train the colleagues constantly in the interest of ensuring the highest level of art and quality. Over the years the number of employees has increased and most of them started as apprentice. In 2009 Marcell Paulus – youngest son of the master – joined to the team, too. In conclusion the third generation carries on the family tradition.

Tradition and Professional Renewal.

As one of the eldest and still working instrument maker enterprise of Hungary it is important to us to inherit the steps of traditional organ building. We also endeavor to expand our knowledge with training opportunities and international trips so we are able to meet the actual artistic expectations.

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